Asia Pacific leadership in Green Building Awards 2016

Wednesday 05th October 2016

The Asia Pacifc Leadership in Green Building Awards celebrate the iconic green buildings, up-and-coming innovators and inspiring companies driving change and creating a better future throughout the region.

Presented by the World Green Building Council and its Asia Pacifc Regional Network of Green Building Councils, this biennial programme recognises four award winners across two categories.

The Business Leadership in Sustainability Award rewards companies that challenge boundaries, integrate sustainability into their business models and make an outstanding contribution to a sustainable built environment.

The Leadership in Sustainable Design and Performance Award is presented to pioneering green building projects that set new benchmarks for sustainability. There are three sub-category winners for residential, commercial and public buildings.

According to WorldGBC’s Chief Executive Offcer, Terri Wills, nominations from 11 countries were submitted in 2016, refecting the growing infuence of sustainable design, construction and operations on business leadership.

“From Singapore to Vietnam, Australia to Korea, green building is accelerating across the Asia Pacifc region in response to signifcant population growth, environmental pressures and a strong business case,” Terri says.

“We applaud each fnalist for showing how sustainability can help nations cut carbon emissions and costs, while creating healthy, liveable places for people.”

The four award winners gained standing ovations to a crowd of thousands at India GBC’s annual Congress in Mumbai, in October 2016.

As the Asia Pacifc Leadership in Green Building Awards grows in size and scope, the WorldGBC would like to thank offcial Award Partners, Jury members and members of the Awards Working Group.