Become World Green Building Council’s Partner in MENA

Friday 01st April 2016

With Green Building Councils (GBCs) in over 70 countries and 27,000 member companies, WorldGBC is the largest global network advancing green building –and we continue to grow. Work side by side with us as a Regional Partner as we transform the industry to make all buildings and communities sustainable, enabling us to thrive on our planet today and in the future.

The Middle East and North Africa region is currently home to over 350 million people, and its population growth has been characterised by rapid urbanisation. This is projected to continue, with urban population expected to double from 2010 to 2050, from 200 million to nearly 400 million. This means a large demand for buildings, complicated by the challenges of conflict-induced displacement of people. Yet the MENA region is also set to be critical for the growth of green building globally over the next few years. GBCs in our MENA Network are responding to challenges and opportunities on the ground, ensuring that the region’s buildings ensure a high quality of life for people, minimise negative impacts on the environment, and maximise economic benefits.